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82nd John O. Moseley Leadership School
(7/31/2017, All day)
Phoenix, AL (web)
7/28 - 7/31; Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix

Happy Birthday
(8/3/2017, All day)
Brother Scott Macchia

Happy Birthday
(8/7/2017, All day)
Brothers Andrew Lehnus and Matt Lober

Happy Birthday
(8/14/2017, All day)
Brother Mohil Gupta

Happy Birthday
(9/1/2017, All day)
Brother Grant Leonard

Happy Birthday
(9/8/2017, All day)
Brother David Rochford

Happy Birthday
(9/25/2017, All day)
Brother Graham Berry

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In Pictures

August 27, 2016 - Parker Family Barbeque & Picnic on the Severn River with ESA, Steve Churchill

Welcome to our web site - Beware of the Maryland Beta SAE terrapin who is also a True Gentleman

April 13, 2017 - "Cancer Can't Handle the Mandl" - in Honor of our Courageous Brother, Mike Mandl

February 14, 2017 - The Brothers of SAE Presented Valentine's Day Treats to the Sisters of UMD Sororities

In the News
  • Leadership Training: Chris Dillon, Austin Gray and Ryan Ziemski travel to the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona for the 82nd annual John O. Moseley Leadership School from July 28 through July 31 for intensive leadership training with nearly 700 other collegiate members from across the United States and Canada. This training prepares these up and coming officers with the tools and leadership qualities they need to help lead the Maryland Beta Chapter to a successful future.

  • Parker Barbeque and Family Picnic: returns on Saturday, August 26, from noon - 4, on the banks of the Severn River in Severna Park, Maryland. SAVE the DATE and SPREAD the WORD.

  • RECRUITMENT: is truly a year round process at Maryland Beta. It is important that interested high school seniors and UMD students submit a Recruitment Interest Form (click here) and state your potential interest early so you can be placed on the recruitment/rush list and be kept informed of recruitment events throughout the semester. Similarly, alumni and friends of members should also submit a Recruitment Recommendation Form (click here) to the chapter. Some of the traits and qualities we look for include, but are not limited to: above average scholarship, participation in athletics and/or extracurricular clubs and activities, leadership, commitment to volunteerism, community service and the desire to cultivate and develop lifetime friendships. Membership in SAE is for life and the fraternity fosters these relationships among all individuals, irrespective of age, race, ethnic background, religion or creed. For more information about Maryland Beta's recruitment, click on the RUSH button in the top menu bar above.

  • Upcoming Fall 2017 Officers: Yuval Elkun, Eminent Archon; Austin Gray, Eminent Deputy Archon; Zach Goodwin, Eminent Treasurer; Matt Lober, Eminent Recorder; Grant Leonard, Eminent Warden; Joe Malandruccolo IV, Health & Safety Officer; John Ziemski, Recruitment Chair; Andy Miller, Member Educator; Chris Dillon, Brotherhood Chair; Ryan Ziemski, Service/Philanthropy Chair; David Rochford, Eminent Herald; Will Columbia, Scholarship Chair; Anthony Ferraro, Alumni Chair; Jon Spadafino, Intramurals Chair; Rory Hodgson, Eminent Correspondent; Joe Malandruccolo IV, Eminent Chronicler/Social Media Chair; Nick Falcon, Eminent Chaplain; Matt Brennan, Chapter Expectations Chair; and Chide Udeze, Chapter Diversity Chair. We wish them all congratulations and much success as our leadership transitions at Maryland Beta.

  • Second Annual “Cancer Can’t Handle the Mandl”: event was hosted by SAE and AOP on Thursday, April 13 to honor former Maryland student, SAE brother and Osteosarcoma survivor Mike Mandl. Mike overcame Osteosarcoma last Spring, which affects about 800 people annually, and he underwent his final round of chemotherapy this past September. The goal of the event was to raise money for The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, an organization that was helpful to Mandl during his treatment. Wrist bracelets that read “Cancer Can’t Handle the Mandl” are still being sold for $3 each (or 50 for $100). This year, over 800 people attended and the event raised $5,016.

  • FOUNDERS' DAY: was held on March 11, at Mulligan’s Grill & Pub in the University of Maryland Golf Course Clubhouse. Alumni and active members enjoyed a great afternoon of food and brotherhood. After lunch, a brief program was held to announce the annual chapter and alumni award winners. This year, Joe Malandruccolo IV ‘18 received the True Gentleman of the Year Award (Honorable Mention, Matt Brennan '18); Matt Brennan ‘18 received the Excellence in Scholarship Award (Honorable Mention, Yuval Elkun '17); and Hal Brierley ' 65 and John Lauer ‘63, both received the James G. Sakers Outstanding Alumnus Award.

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